Who We Are?

AskCI Consulting headquartered in Shenzhen, set up five operate independently subsidiaries in Beijing, Guiyang, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places. Through more than 20years’rapid development, AskCI has become China's leading industry research and consulting services supplier, is committed to provide comprehensive and effective solutions for government departments and research institutions, industry associations, well-known enterprises, financial and investment institutions.

AskCI provides complete primary research service for investment institutions and consulting firms. It has rich experience and deep knowledge of the Chinese market and has expanded its services into the global market in recent years.

AskCI aims to provide professional expertise to its clients and help them make the best investment decision. Our services include expert consulting, survey research, industry research, company research, site visit, business conference, etc. With professional services provided by AskCI, decision makers can have better insight of the Chinese market to make business decision.

Why AskCI?

What we can offer:

Information of your potential business partners to help you conduct successful negotiations;
Comprehensive knowledge of your current and potential competitors to help you with strategy planning;
In-depth understanding of your target company’s financial and credit situation to help decision making in investment, mergers &acquisitions and other investment initiatives;
Full awareness of your company’s actual situation in the market in terms of profit, cost, competitiveness, etc. and indications for enhancing capabilities in these perspectives.

Our Story

Our Clients

Our Team

With over 80 in-house researchers in our team, every AskCImarket report, company profile andproject feasibility is the product of decades of research experience.

In addition to years of academic and research experience, many of our experts also have extensive professional experience working in their target industry in China, giving them a unique insight into how the industry works.

Here are some profiles of the core researchers.

Jian Yuan Chief Consultan

Professor Yuanwas a university teacher, after entering ASKCI, as ASKCI chief consultant, he guides industry research work, including chemical materials, new energy, machinery industry and other industries, and has accumulated rich experience in market research and industry analysis.

Junsong Xu Project Director

Mr. Xu has more than ten-year experience of consultancy in consulting industry and extensive project experience, especially good at high-level interviews, market research, investment consulting, branding and marketing consulting.

Chaoguo Wu Project Manager

Mr. Wu has more than ten-year experience of consultancy in consulting industry and extensive project experience,especially good at high-level interviews, benchmarking research, investment advice, there is a very extensive project experience.

Simon Song Project Manager

Simon Song has more than ten-year experience of consultancy in consulting industry, specializes in industry and market depth research, Market Segment Analysis, industrial investment decisions, etc.